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  1. Spice up your grilling and smoking with our seasonings. Smoke Fried Facebook

  1. Smoke/Fried Catering (25 person min.)


    A listing of some of our traditional catering options are described below.  Catering meals are fully customizable to fit your needs.  To design your perfect catered meal, call 352-222-1474 or email us. Delivery and setup charges may apply.

    All catering options include plates or bowls, napkins and cutlery.


    Smoked Sandwich Tray  

    Assortment of our house smoked and sliced ham, turkey and roast beef deli sandwiches on potato rolls with individual bags of potato chips


    Boxed Lunches 

    Choose from our house smoked and sliced ham, turkey or roast beef deli sandwiches.  Includes chips, condiments, canned drink, and brownie.  


    Meat and Buns 

    Your choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken, with buns, sauce, coleslaw, and 2 of our sides.  *May require heated chaffing.


    Salad Bar 

    Mixed greens, variety of salad toppings and dressings, paired with pulled pork or pulled chicken.  Small or entrée sizes available.  Additions: Cornbread, Texas toast, Brunswick stew, or baked potato


    Potato Bar

    Individually wrapped spuds topped with choice of pulled pork or pulled chicken.  Toppings include: cheese, butter, sour cream and green onions.  Additions: bacon and nacho cheese.  Pairs well with small salad bar and/or cups of Brunswick stew.  *May require heated chaffing.


    Smokin' Taco Bar

    Build your own tacos (2 per person).  Soft flour tortillas with traditional taco toppings, Spanish rice, and smoked black beans.  Meat options: smoked pulled pork, smoked pulled chicken or seasoned ground beef.  *May require heated chaffing.


    BBQ Buffet

    Scalable and customizable meat and side options to meet your meal desires.  Includes meat, garlic toast or sliced bread, selected sides, and sauce.   Meat options: pulled pork, sliced beef, chicken quarters, sausage, brisket, or ribs.  *May require heated chaffing.


    Let's Do Breakfast

    Custom breakfast options including: bacon, sausage, smoked ham, brisket hash, eggs, pancakes, French toast, biscuits, grits, gravy, and home fries.  Beverage options: coffee, juice, milk, or tea.  *May require heated chaffing.



    Gallon of tea or lemonade 

    Assorted canned or bottled drinks 



    Brownies or Krispy Bars

    Banana Pudding

    Tres Leches sheet cake